Albuquerque News Charlie Crist as Florida senator?

Charlie Crist announced today that he will run as an Independent candidate for Florida Senator. He couldn’t win as a Republican after his bearhug with Obama and support for the “Stimulus” Bill so now he’ll give it a shot in a three-way race. What it really shows is one can’t trust a RINO: Republican In Name Only. Bereft of a political philosophy the only goal of the RINO is political power. Dede Scozzafava in the recent special election in New York is another recent example of the species. Senator Robert Bennett of Utah, who has supported Amnesty and other Leftist legislation in disserving the people of Utah, is similarly about to be ousted. It should be abundantly clear that the liberal Republican stands for nothing but his/her personal aggrandizement and power. They need to be sent out to pasture as quickly as possible.